Saturday, 10 June 2017

Clean The Hood (Delft)

"Clean The Hood"

Deur: Michael Abrahams

Hierdie projek was uitgevoer op 13 Mei 2017 (Delft)

"Respek wat onder jou is en wat rondom jou is. Moet nie dood maak wat jy nie eet nie"

Die natuur leer jou hoe om skoon te wees. En as daar geen natuur is nie hoe kan ons leer. Die natuur leer hoe om te respek, met passie, saam te werk, hoe om saam-saam te bestaan, al is ons nie dieselfde nie.

Net soos die diere, plante kan saam leef in die wild of natuur is daar plek vir mense ook.
Ons het voorheen saam-saam gehelp in peace, so hoekom kan ons nie daaruit leer nie en weer so lewe in vreedsaamheid onder mekaar nie.
So die "Clean The Hood" is net een van dui elemente wat gepaart gaan met dit.
Omdat ons kinders moet groot gemaak word sonder hulle een van hulle ouer of sonder altwee gaan hulle verlore. Want die wette van die natuur is nie net vir diere en plante nie maar ook vir die mens. En as hulle drie saam gevorm word verander dit na kultuur. Ons sit sonder kultuur darem kan enige ander nasie ons onterf, betrap en ondermyn.
Want die wette van die natuur, leer jou hoe om saam jou mede mens te leef en kultuur verhoed dat jy jou eie nasie benadeel. Ook leer jou herkoms, respek en hoe lief te het vir jou mede mense.

So die "Clean Jou Hood" is 'n stap voorentoe wat in die verlede was maar stadig maar verseker weer te herstel. Want ons nasie is mos in die proses van herstel. So mense kan nie verwag die min moet alles doen nie. Minderheid beteken dit vat langer en baie van ons mense is mos kortagtig, het nie tyd vir ander nie.

Ons benodig die hele nasie nie net 'n groep nie.


Met die "Clean Jou Hood"projek wil ons die jueg se gedagtes skoon hou, versterk en leer van hulle herkoms en hoe om lief te wees vir hulle omgewings en die natuur.
Ons beplan om dit weer te doen verder in Delft, en hoop meer kinders word direk betrokke.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Requesting donation for people of Upington / Kalahari

Requesting donation for people of Upington / Kalahari 

Dear Sir/Madam                                                          25-05-2017

INDEPENDENT LEADERS ORGANISATION is a body to service our people and communities in various ways. So through our first project taking a trip to Upington we seek your help to transform those going on the trip and those people in need.

Our project's name is "Herstel Jou Waarde". Our primarily aims to provide tin foods, clothing, shoes and blankets, whether it’s used or not to people from Upington where we will hand deliver it personally. The trip will take place in a few months (September or later in the year) time. With the purpose these people teaches us the laws of nature which form part of our leadership skill training. Part of our objective is to create positive leaders, who can contribute towards their communities, and the best start is caring and sharing and nature teaches that the best.

"Respek wat onder jou is en rondom jou is; dat jy nie mag dood maak wat jy nie eet nie" 


Just as these donations is very important to people in need so is this trip to those going on the trip. Because our communities lack heroes and leaders so we decided to transform our people into heroes and leaders instead. We planning a second trip which will allow people from the public to join us on the trip, but hope to have youth part of this trip. May we request you, to help the poor and the suffering and to continue our dedicated services to the people who are in need of solace and comfort, the kind help from people like you will be in no doubt a great help.

We hope your full hearted cooperation and kind hearted cooperation in this project and its success. So, show your generosity, and help us to collect as many as supplies to people in need, not only for winter but through the year.
We all wish to bring smiles to people in Upington.

Thanking you,
Deputy Chairperson 072 335 9099

Please check out our internet blog:
Please Note: The trip’s destination can change.

Metropolitan - Bluegum United AFC

Metropolitan - Bluegum United AFC

Meeting took place in Bonteheuwel on the 20  April 2017

Purposed of the meeting:

-Try to supply soccer boots to some kids that parents are not able to afford due to financial difficulties, to be able to play for a local club such as Bluegum United AFC.

-While we form some partnership agreement between Bluegum United AFC and Independent Leaders Organisation we plan to create our own street football tournament (five-a-side).

-Basically to keep the youth off the street, away from gangsterism, drugs and crime.

Prime objective is to provide opportunities for sporting achievement for as many children as possible –
To provide opportunities for sporting achievement and personal development for as many children as possible as they are empowered to become competent, confident and responsible citizens of South African society.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Part of our project

Michael outside the Safe Haven on a field create programmes to keep the kids off the street, gangsterism and busy during the day after school.

Outside the class Michael uses a game to teach pupils about country’s greeting which is part of his discipline program. 28 February 2017

This picture was taken at the Safe Haven in Delft run and manages by Michael Abrahams, and in the picture you’ll she volunteers from Germany for the Youth for Christ International. The reason why these volunteers are present is to take these kids on program camp done by the Youth for Christ International. And the reason why I do this documentary and taking pictures is because my book inspired me to do various projects so that my book can have a purpose within these projects find it relations to all projects. Picture takes by me on 28 February 2017.

Michael Abrahams teaches pupils; Arts and Culture

This forms part of our project: Arts & Culture

Kairos Primary School in Delft where Michael Abrahams teaches pupils; Arts and Culture and I was part of it doing the documentary. It was recorded on 28 February 2017
Michael’s reason for this project is to restore respect and discipline in pupils.

The pupils’ artwork.

Independent Leaders Organisation original logo

Independent Leaders Organisation original logo

The lion stands for brave and leadership.

"Tigers don't cry, they just standing tall
Brave as a lion, we will never fall"
by ikeraam korana

ILOrg Leaders started to include females

On the 04 March 2017 the organisation included females as part of this organisation, spreading our ideas even further then just football. And through that we decided to have a trip to Kalahari (Northern Cape) with the purpose to provide clothes, shoes, blankets and tin food to the needy people in Kalahari whereas those people in the Kalahari is the oldest people in Africa and they must teach us of our origin, past history, cultures, traditions, identities, San stories, about the animals, animal tracks and indigenous healing plant. Meaning they must give us indigenous knowledge as part of our project called, “Herstel Jou Waarde”.

This is what the youth on the Cape Flats need, a sense of belonging, their historical background, who they supposed to be and not what they forced to be, we cannot keep on accepting that our youth future have to be a dead end or bleak. Our people knows almost nothing of their true existence and the fact that they possesses one of the oldest DNA in the world and why.
This will entitle me to complete my second in Afrikaans, title, “Herstel Jou Waarde”. Members of International Leaders Organisation going on the trip will form part of the book, meaning be in the pictures as they being teach indigenous knowledge. A documentary will also be part of this trip.
This is a fundamental need for us in Cape Town who lost their true identity and culture; it will also be great to our youth to take a similar trip. And from there we had regular meetings at work during our lunch times.

Independent Leaders Organisation establishing date

Independent Leaders Organisation

On 02 March this organisation was founded but on 03 March 2017 we start taking pictures. These football players with me started and organisation known as “Independent Leaders Organisation” with the purpose to use their skills to teach kids how to play football, keep them off the street, away from the social conditions, by arranging a small football tournament and by supplying these kids with boots. The purpose is to assist kids whose parents cannot afford to buy boots, supply those boots train them in our football clinic and ensure they get into a professional football club. On the 20th April we will have a partnership agreement negotiation meeting to ensure that does materialize.