Friday, 19 May 2017

ILOrg Leaders started to include females

On the 04 March 2017 the organisation included females as part of this organisation, spreading our ideas even further then just football. And through that we decided to have a trip to Kalahari (Northern Cape) with the purpose to provide clothes, shoes, blankets and tin food to the needy people in Kalahari whereas those people in the Kalahari is the oldest people in Africa and they must teach us of our origin, past history, cultures, traditions, identities, San stories, about the animals, animal tracks and indigenous healing plant. Meaning they must give us indigenous knowledge as part of our project called, “Herstel Jou Waarde”.

This is what the youth on the Cape Flats need, a sense of belonging, their historical background, who they supposed to be and not what they forced to be, we cannot keep on accepting that our youth future have to be a dead end or bleak. Our people knows almost nothing of their true existence and the fact that they possesses one of the oldest DNA in the world and why.
This will entitle me to complete my second in Afrikaans, title, “Herstel Jou Waarde”. Members of International Leaders Organisation going on the trip will form part of the book, meaning be in the pictures as they being teach indigenous knowledge. A documentary will also be part of this trip.
This is a fundamental need for us in Cape Town who lost their true identity and culture; it will also be great to our youth to take a similar trip. And from there we had regular meetings at work during our lunch times.

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